Payout Frequency:~30 Minutes
Min Payout:144 PIRATE
Pool Fee:1%

Half of the fee is donated to the PIRATE onboarding fund!

Min payout will be changed based on the number of miners.
This is neccessary as currently there is a limit of 54 addresses
that can be paid out at one time. If you require faster payouts
because of the min payout please consider other pools.

Alternative pools: PirateChain.org Polly MTPC BCMonster
Network Stats
Block Height: 110147
Network Hash/s: 89.04 MSol/s
Difficulty: 273160500.62
Node Connections: 41
Pools / Coins
228 Miners
601 Workers
82.66 MSol/s (Now)
... (Avg)
Luck 0.002 Days