Payout strategy changed to PPLNT with 1 hour payout frequency! Join #piratepool for support and discussion! 🐸 - knomp

Mining Pool For PirateChain (ARRR)

Donating 66% of the pool fee to the PirateChain project!
33% to PIRATE dev and onboarding fund
33% to PIRATE Marketing!

Algorithm: Equihash
Payout Strategy: PPLNT
Payout Frequency: 1 Hours
Min Payout: 21 ARRR
Pool Fee: 1%

Pirate chain, the most private and anonymous cryptocurrency, is mineable here. Learn more:

Download the latest PirateOcean wallet and create a sapling address (starts with zs1) and connect to the new stratum ports labeled as arrr on Getting Started.

Sprout stratum has been retired! Final Sprout Payouts Report

arrr Pool Stats

  • 137 Miners
  • 423 Workers
  • 22.32 MSol/s (Now)
  • ... (Avg)
  • Luck 0.013 Days

arrr Network Stats

  • Block Height: 504515
  • Network Hash/s: 129.85 MSol/s
  • Difficulty: 586.3M
  • Total Supply: 129,155,840
  • Node Connections: 136